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Double Fine Productions

Double Fine Productions is an award-winning, game development studio founded in 2000 by games industry veteran Tim Schafer. Located in San Francisco’s South of Market district, Double Fine is committed to making high-quality games with an emphasis on originality, story, characters, and fun.

Our Games

Since releasing our first title, Psychonauts, in 2005, Double Fine has created umpteen award-winning games, spanning a mind-boggling array of styles and genres; From the fire and chrome of the heavy-metal-album-cover-inspired lands of Brutal Legend, to the cuddly, happy and felted faces on Sesame Street.

In 2014 we started to help small independent developers to publish their games under the umbrella of Double Fine Presents.

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Contact Us

What would you like to contact us about?

If you aren't having any luck getting a reply to your email, you can always nudge us on Twitter, which is usually the best way of getting hold of us!

Frequently Asked Questions

I love your games so much! Double Fine is the greatest company of all time!

That is not a question, but something about the way you talk tells me that you are a person of exceptional intelligence and good looks. I kind of understand why everyone likes you so much now. I predict an excellent year ahead for you and your family.

No really, I love Double Fine. How can I get more of your awesomeness?

Well you could always follow Double Fine on Twitter at @doublefine, or me, Tim, at @TimOfLegend, and there's always our Double Fine Productions Facebook page. Plus, we've got this great Tumblr blog you can follow. Oh man, we're everywhere!

Where does the name "Double Fine" come from?

It comes from a sign on the Golden Gate Bridge that, until recently, said "Slow to 45 mph – Double Fine Zone." I ingeniously selected the name Double Fine so that when people drove over the bridge they would see the name "Double Fine" and think, not just that we had purchased ad space on what must be the most expensive billboard in California, but that we owned the city and all of San Francisco had been declared to be a "Double Fine Zone." I believe it did work for many years, confounding and intimidating our many, many foes. But for absolutely no good reason, the old sign is now flashing the less awe-inspiring message, "Speed limit 45 mph – Auto toll $5." I mean, how are you supposed to name a game company after that? Don't people even think these things through?

Can I publish videos of your games on the internet?

Yes! You may even monetize them if you wish! Have fun with your walkthroughs and your Let's Plays and your blogs and vlogs and clogs. That's "cyber-logs", it's gonna be the next big thing.

But please, when streaming our games, refrain from making racist, sexist, homophobic--or any kind of stupid, bigoted, dumb-ass discriminatory comments on top of them. Do we really even have to say that? Do we really even have to tell people not to be the worst people in the world? Apparently. But you're better than that. I know you are. You can be edgy and funny without standing on the necks of people less powerful than you, right? You know the difference between punching up and punching down! Right?? Yes! We believe in you!

Are you guys making sequels to Psychonauts or Brütal Legend or any other games?

We're making Psychonauts 2! If anyone out there has a few million dollars burning a hole in their pocket, and would like to help us make an excellent sequel to Brutal Legend, please let us know!

Hey, why did you never answer my mail where I asked for advice about getting into the games industry?

Because I'm a jerk, that's why. I have a ton of mail just like yours piled up in my inbox and I am deeply ashamed and more sorry than you could imagine. I don't even want to talk about the old info line. We had a mail account that we tricked interns into reading for us but then they left and I forgot the password and so no one has opened the info line in YEARS. It's all full of viagra spam and amazing offers from publishers to fund games I'm sure.

Anyway, about you and your totally reasonable plea for advice: I've put off responding because I've been working on this one, big, all-encompassing "how to get into the games industry" article for years. I just can't seem to finish it. But it's going to be awesome. In the mean time, here's some advice: Don't be a fool, stay in school!

Can I send you my idea for a game?

You should hang on to that idea until you're ready to make it yourself. Because if you send it to us, our lawyers will jump on it like a hand grenade and not ever let us see it, for reasons only they understand. I'm sure your idea is great, though, and you should really try to make it some day. So stop showing it to people or else it's going to get ripped off (by someone far less scrupulous than us).

Are adventure games dead? If yes, then what killed adventure games?

Here. Also, the next person to ask me this gets a punch in the mouth.

Are games art?

Zzzzzz. Oh, sorry, could you repeat the question? I fell asleep.

Are you guys hiring?

Holy shit we are hiring. Dude, why don't you work here? Double Fine is, I can objectively say, the greatest place to work in the universe. We have a small team, everybody gets to contribute to the design, the sodas are free, and no one has ever been permanently killed on one of our ski trips. We have health care, vision, dental, and sometimes pie. We don't care what you do, if you are awesome, we want you. Pick the job that best fits, and apply!

Do you guys have an internship program?

Not officially, but somehow interns keep sneaking in the door. And then, a few months later, they run out again screaming. But what the heck, if you love Double Fine, but you hate money, why not mail our internship hotline. (Shhh! It's really just our regular jobs mail address. Don't tell them. Interns are easily fooled!)

Can I write a glowing feature, review, or preview about Double Fine or its games?

You sure can! Email our press contact address for any requests!

What's up with the Psychonauts Meat Circus?

What's up with Meat Circus is that you're a big baby. Sure, sure, invisibility is very important when Raz's dad is trying to knock you off those tight ropes. And your shield will bounce the knife thrower's blades right into those spinning target wheels. And also you can throw a confusion grenade at that bunny and then just go pick it up, instead of trying to grab it with Telekinesis. Those things are also true. But the main point I'm trying to make here is that first one, about you being a big baby.

Why is there so much collecting in Psychonauts?

All good people like to collect things in games. I might be a little biased right now as I am currently re-obsessed with Animal Crossing and if I don't complete my fish collection soon I'm going to kill myself. Seriously, when I caught my first Coelacanth I started screaming. It's a mother effing living fossil my friend, and it lives in my house now. And you know, anyone who is incapable of feeling that sort of happiness, the pure joy of collecting, is not just dead inside, but rotting and putrid and crawling with maggots inside, except the maggots aren't really crawling, they're just swaying slightly in the wind, because even your maggots are dead.

But that's just my opinion as a player. As a professional game designer, there is one thing that I have always believed: The player is always right.

But that doesn't mean they are likeable, or smart. Oh sorry. Where was I? I'm still kind of wound up from that whole Coelacanth thing. I don't know what I'm saying. Anyway, the point is, in summary, that I am right.

What is the Secret of Monkey Island?

You know who you should ask about that is this guy. He loves that question. He'll pretend not to answer the first few times, but keep asking! Don't give up!

Wait, you didn't answer my question!

If you have a question not already answered here, why not try contacting me, Tim, on Twitter? I'm @TimOfLegend and Double Fine is @DoubleFine. I sometimes reply. Unless you ask about Psychonauts 2 or Brütal 2, etc., in which case I will just send you back to this FAQ page. Hopefully you will only go through three or four loops before you figure out what is happening and not get stuck in some horrible/wonderful Twitter/Double Fine feedback loop. If you are, then you've probably read this sentence 1,000,000 times. That must be annoying. You're just lucky I can't make text blink any more!